153% rise for Friends With Benefits

Farcaster Frames, Dangerous DAOs and more


We had Ophelia Snyder on the podcast to talk about how the Bitcoin ETFs are doing. Ophelia manages over $2B in assets and 40+ crypto ETFs, so she knows a thing or two.


The Boys

Writer: Deana

FWB Surges. Happy to see our friends enjoying financial benefits. The FWB token, which gates membership to the Friends with Benefits social DAO and private discord, rose 153% this past week on news that a software shop spin-off raised $3M from a16z crypto. The daytraders are aping in, “this project is goin to 100X.” However the most incredible DAO news of the week was this barely researched, fear-mongering article on WIRED. ReWIRED DAO…loading.

Farcaster Frames. Farcaster launched a new feature on Friday, which brings interactivity into the social media feed. “Frames” can be used to build wallet-connected polls, galleries, questionnaires — whatever you want — and it comes right into the feed. No need to link out to third party minting platforms — the minting platform is in the feed. What’s exciting here is that this is a feature that’s unique to web3 social media. You can imagine a world where someone is coming to Farcaster not because they believe in decentralization (tired), but because of a unique experience not found elsewhere (wired).

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