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Sama gets a hobby, tech hits the runway, and something to keep you young


Natasha here, we’re trying something new with this Wednesday newsletter. It has range - from tech news to trend spotting to pop culture. If you don’t like it, just let us know by responding to this email. I’m serious.

This is my first time writing Hallucinations, so if we haven’t met yet, here’s a little bit about me: I took NyQuil last night and dreamt Chris Dixon was my father. It’s January, which means my mental health is at its all time low, so I fired up a new Instagram account and am feeling a real sense of freedom in posting literally anything I want. Follow along?

We thought about changing this newsletter’s name, but with all of the above in mind, Hallucinations still felt appropriate.

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Sama get a hubby hobby. News hit this week that Sam Altman is on the fundraising grind for his new AI chip-making company. He’s looking to raise a rumored $8-$10 billion to set up a network of factories to manufacture semiconductors. Why? First, the computer power required to keep up with the demand for AI apps over the next decade, means more people need to be making money making them. And second, OpenAI needs to limit their already growing reliance on Nvidia, which has a low-key market cap of $1.5T, nbd. In other words, Sama wants to make his cake, eat his cake, drink his cake, smell his cake, you get it.

So who’s been viewing the DocSend? Billionaire and prominent figure of Abu Dhabi’s royal family, Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed al-Nahyan. Sheikh Tahnoon is chair to G42, an AI development holding company, which is already in bed with OpenAI and Microsoft. All this to say, think BIG money. Looks like Sam might have a new daddy.

He also got married a few weeks back, in a Boho-chic Hawaiian setting overlooking the ocean. The subreddit r/singularity had thoughts, the only one worth highlighting:

Mazel tov. We 💜 love.

Tech has its runway moment. And thank god, because we all need to feel relevant again. In the fashion world, it’s Haute Couture week in Paris and Schiaparelli took over the timeline with their MOTHERboard look and baby computer. Our trend spotters are calling it - femme wearable tech is in. Now we know what to wear while we’re playing Palworld.

In other tech meets fashion news, digital fashion house SYKY snagged Nicola Formichetti as their new Artistic Director. He’s known for his collaborations with Lady Gaga and leadership roles at Mugler, Diesel, and Uniqlo. Big W.

To keep you nerds young. On the pop culture front. International bisexual day was celebrated this past Saturday with Reneé Rapp (musician) and Jacob Elordi (actor) on SNL, with surprise cameos from Rachel McAdams and Megan Thee Stallion (which stole the show IMO). I’m gonna explain this to you straight, these two people are so hot it feels illegal. With Jacob, it’s not just his size (6.5’) or his face (perfect), it’s the feeling that he was raised right. And for Renee, it’s literally everything, but mostly the fact that she has no media training whatsoever and doesn’t care what you, or I, or anyone thinks. The ultimate sex appeal. Now, is this news? No. Are people talking about it? Yes.