Internet screams at $500,000 rock

Ether Rock at Sotheby's, Superbowl predictions and Bitcoin's rally


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The Boys

Writer: Deana

Ether Rock. This season’s perfect Valentine’s Day gift is a 500,000 - 700,000 USD rock NFT, which is up for sale at Sotheby’s in a sealed bid next week. People are mad as hell at this rock and you absolutely love to see it. The responses range from too soon (hilarious) to standard issue pearl clutching. You may be thinking, I get that this is subversive, the mediocrity is the message, it’s performance art, etc. — but still, how can Ether Rocks support such a high price? Well, they’re a meme. Smart people love them. Plus, they’re old (in crypto years) and scarce af as there were only 100 minted in 2017. Plus, the website is charming? Idk!

Bitcoin Rally. Bitcoin booked a 2-year high of $48,226 on Friday. I asked my smartest Bitcoin friend why this happened, and she said, “it’s just number go up technology.” Also, Grayscale outflows are slowing down, the ETF is picking up and the Bitcoin halving is coming in April. I’m warming up my laser eyes babe! So is Drake.

Superbowl. I do not know what teams are playing nor does it matter, T*ylor Sw*ft already won, etc. The bigger question is this — will any crypto companies be advertising this year, after the 2022 Crypto Bowl, and crypto’s dead silence of 2023? Also on my mind — what would an OpenAI Superbowl commercial look like? Sam can definitely afford it. Will the Apple Vision Pro make an appearance? Use the Boys Club internetbowl bingo card and delight all your friends.