is it too late to buy NVIDIA stock?



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Writer: Deana

The Long-Awaited “Fee Switch.” A Uniswap governance proposal caused the token price to jump over 75% last week. The proposal outlines a “large-scale upgrade” that would have a portion of Uniswap protocol fees routed to select UNI token holders. If approved, this “fee switch” could drive major revenue for Uniswap and further decentralize the governance process. However, as is the case with literally every single thing, some folks aren’t into it. Also, pray tell, why now?

The Good News. Big fundraising rounds are happening. ETH is over $3K. Kraken says bye b*tch to the SEC. MicroStrategy Inc. buys 3,000 more Bitcoin. Reddit filled their corporate coffers with some Bitcoin and Ethereum, IPO disclosures show. They landed on the moon ffs. In 2024 we are so b*ck.

Congratulations also to everyone that has NVIDIA stock. Couldn’t be me! I’ll stay getting roasted by my google search results.