I too am seeking 7T dollar bills

Sama is cooking, AI plays football, and Biden gets laser eyes


Happy V day, be sure to give someone a forehead kiss.

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Sama is cooking and seeking up to $7 TRilLiOn dollars for the meal. The WSJ reported last week that Sam Altman is still very much into the superconductor thing and is looking to raise A LOT of money to accelerate AI chip production to meet anticipated demand. We discussed this a few weeks ago, noting that in order to train large language models (LLMs), AI systems require chips known as GPUs (graphics processing units) to power the systems that will eventually be smarter than us.

We've known that he's been on this beat, but we didn’t know that (1) he feels he would need 1/3 of the USA’s GDP to achieve it and (2) that he would be so sassy on Twitter about it.

I want to be on the right side of history here, so for the record I will grind to secure my spot in the collective future and I do not use substack.

AI plays football We all know that Temu dominated the Superbowl but AI was giving crypto 2022 with their ad time this Sunday. Google flexed their ‘Guided-Frames’ AI feature for their new Pixel 8, which still will not make up for this feeling. Microsoft was basically like ‘hey if you’re a loser who can’t get anything done, Microsoft Copilot can help!’ Overall it’s giving, healthy media budget.

Gangs all here The big guys of the AI wars came to an “accord” this week around election deepfakes. Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, Meta, TikTok and Adobe have pledged their commitment to identifying and labeling AI-generated content that aims “to deceive voters ahead of crucial elections in multiple countries this year.” The six companies have signed an agreement which outlines plans to mitigate this type of content, but does not pledge to ban it. Deepfakes are primed to be the main character of this election cycle, so buckle up — it’s gonna be a long year. However, the TikTok below will live rent free in my mind until Jesus returns.


This one's for my queen @Julia fox who liked the last one 🤩 now with AI DeSantis voice! #deepfake #ai #ml #aivoice #uncutgems #muse #julia... See more

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