Squid Game meets Survivor for the chronically online

Crypto: The Game, Read Write Own, Chipped and more


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Writer: Deana

Crypto: The Game. Your crypto friends are even more addicted to the internet this week, thanks to Crypto: The Game, aka CTG. Think of CTG as Squid Game meets Survivor meets crypto Twitter. 410 people put in 0.1 ETH or $210 each to enter, and are now competing for a combined prize pot of 41 ETH or $94,000. Contestants, including myself, have been split into “tribes” to solve word puzzles and play games, with all the controversy and scheming you see on TradSurvivor. Many of us playing didn’t realize it would also be a full time job, with over 200 combined hours spent on Friday afternoon playing Pac-Man. Creator Dylan Abruscato, who previously was at HQ trivia and Party Round, said “I think it's just a sneak peek at the incredible potential of combining crypto with social gaming experiences.” My gaming strategy? Stay in the middle of the pack, keep my head down. I’m not here to make friends.

Based. The Layer-2 wars got hot this week when Blast was blasted for ripping off Optimism’s codebase, making it worse in the process. Need a palate cleanser? NFC acrylic nail project Chipped launched their sale this week, reminding us that it’s social applications all the way down.

Read Write Own. Big week for Chris Dixon, a16z et al, as he continues his book tour on the normie podcasts and high-visibility street corners. Full disclosure, Read Write Own is a generous sponsor of the Boys Club Zine, so we’re biased. Even still, IMO Chris is doing the work to show that crypto is more than a deranged casino, and he is managing to maintain his composure while taking punches on behalf of the whole industry.

Crypto.AI Vitalik Buterin, inventor of Ethereum and king of our hearts, turned 30 and dropped this crypto + AI banger, all in one week. It’s largely optimistic, and very giga-brain — here’s a good ELI5 recap. Zora also took a look at crypto + AI this week. Something is in the water! Not to self-shill, but if this is your vibe, we’ll be tackling this intersection at our /brandnew summit in March, with Holyn giving a keynote on consumer AI and web3, and Salma joining for a hands-on workshop on AI and design. Get your ticket nowwwww.