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Writer: Natasha (insta)
Editor: Deana

Have you bought your /brandnew ticket here??!!!!!!!!!!!!! The FOMO is FOMOing.

NVIDIA can get this round. NVIDIA, the kings of AI chips, posted its much-anticipated fourth-quarter fiscal earnings report last Thursday, and the TLDR is that they beat already sky-high expectations. Their report showed $22 billion in revenue in the quarter, which was over 263% higher than a year prior and $2 billion more than expected. They also reported that this quarter is looking goooood and continued growth and a sh!t ton of revenue should be expected.

As a result, the company's shares rose over 15%, and NVIDIA said 'my girls are coming with me' to the rest of the stock market. However, the nearly $2 trillion market valuation has some asking when this beat will turn into a bust.

Tyler Perry called Washington. This week, Perry announced he’ll be halting plans on the $800 million expansion of his production studio. After peeping OpenAI’s Sora’s capabilities, the Hollywood mogul was all…

In regards to the movie making industry, he stated “There’s got to be some sort of regulations in order to protect us. If not, I just don’t see how we survive.”  And my thought is, have any of you met the regulators?

Husband of Serena Williams is about to get liquid. Last Thursday, Reddit announced that it will be making its stock market debut this coming March. This will be the first social media IPO in almost 5 years, the last one being Pinterest in 2019. To do my research I went to Reddit to read about how Redditors will be able to participate in the Reddit IPO. 

What I found is that avid Redditors are excited to participate in the IPO… by shorting the stock. The takes have range, my personal favorite being…

Is this all just a play for our AI overlord, Sam Altman? This idea stems from the fact that the IPO filing reveals that Sam owns 8.7% of Reddit. With a successful IPO, he could cash out up to $435 million. Love to see an underdog story.

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